It’s that time of year: When techno geeks clog servers with frantic anticipation and dedicated nerds may even squeeze into a black turtle neck and polish their white sneakers. The latest iPhone is scheduled to arrive this week, and the media coverage will probably exceed that of any 3rd world humanitarian crisis.

My phone is so old that it is a weekly conversation starter with strangers. “Jukey” has survived slipping into a full coffee mug, hugging the treads of a full-sized truck, and countless outdoor and late night cell phone related debacles. After half a decade of service, and several super-glue repairs, I think it may be time to retire this abused, obsolete piece of gadgetry.

Jukey in her battle-hardened glory. She is from the era that widely coveted small cell phones.

As you can see from Jukey’s back, I enjoy the annoying habit of spinning her when I am nervous, bored, or sitting still for more than 20 minutes.

I was actually quite content with the quirks and short-comings of Jukey, until I discovered the work of photographer Kevin Russ. He takes breath-taking portraits of the American west armed only with an iPhone and artistic eye I could only dream of observing the world through. Seeing Russ’ work got me fanticizing about the scenes I could capture and blanket indoor spaces with. I can honestly say, for the first time, I am green with phone envy. Thank you, Mr. Russ, for the distraction of such frivolous yearning.

I was not compensated in any way for this post, the words and opinions are entirely my own. In fact, Mr. Russ may even be a little creeped out if he ever stumbles on this.


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