Loose ends.

Today is my one week anniversary of being unemployed. Ideally this won’t be a long term situation; but I must admit, I enjoy having the opportunity to catch up on the repeatedly deferred items of my weekly to do lists.

We want to make a special fertilizer for our ghost pepper to make sure it’s healthy before it goes dormant so it will come roaring back to life and get busy fruiting next spring. I went by a few nurseries last week looking for vermicompost (a soil amendment made of worm poop) without success, so we tried a hydroponics store over the weekend. I think the friendly gent behind the counter didn’t believe that we were putting so much effort into a pepper. I suppose that’s to be expected when you’re shopping a hydroponics store! Ha!

As we transplanted the pepper to a larger pot we noticed something really exciting.


Flower buds are forming! Our pepper is going through puberty! Actually, I don’t think plants go through that uncomfortable awkward stage of growing up but anyway it’s developing its reproductive parts! Yaaay!

I realize its more likely for pigs to fly, but dream it will somehow fruit before it goes dormant for winter. Ghost peppers are perennial plants, so even if it doesn’t fruit this year we may have success next summer!

I finally transplanted the succulents my Mom propagated for me this summer. I think they’re happy to be in a more humid environment. The metal planter is a dust pan I made in high school shop class. I was going to recycle it, but my Mom found a practical use for it instead.Image

Speaking of my Mom, I finally finished the scarf I started for her nearly a year ago. I used this pattern and this yarn. I wanted it to turn out longer so she could wrap it twice , but I’m a tight knitter and am still learning to compensate for that. I barely needed the second ball of yarn, which should have made me realize I something was wrong. Oh well! It will still work and I think it turned out pretty considering I am a beginner who is learning from a book.Image
I’m knitting some Christmas gifts for the sake of my budget and keeping my hands busy. I’m going to try to teach myself cabling, so if they don’t turn out as planned I’ll have to do some last minute baking or something.

We had rain over the weekend. I’m still adjusting to precipitation that isn’t frozen. It requires different shoes, and makes my hair even bigger than normal. We slurped up lamb stew last night. Again no photos or real recipe. Someday I will be a responsible blogger about those things.

I hope you all had a lovely productive weekend!


5 responses to “Loose ends.

  1. Love the scarf and happy to have now read two, fabulous Faraway blogs in a week or so. I am enjoying keeping up with you from afar(away)! Miss you though. Oh and p.s. I have been knitting a big blanket for many years now and hope to have it finished in the next decade. Seriously! Ho hum

    • Maybe you could bind it off early and make an enormous shawl instead? I seem to remember you mentioning that! I really want a Hudson Bay blanket but they’re super expensive, so I may try to knit one with the same color scheme someday instead. Actually I’ll probably sew it, that is a tremendous amount of stitches!

  2. I’d be happy to donate some worm tea concentrate and any vermicompost we have to the ghost pepper cause. We cleared out cosmos and found our pitiful little ghost pepper still limping along. I’m thinking about Gabrielizing some sort of tiny greenhouse for it.

    Nice blog!

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