Bitter Granny Martini

I’m not normally a cocktail drinker. On the rare occasion I do drink liquor, it’s usually a tot of whiskey for a slowly sipped nightcap. The Caramel Apple Martini from Beautiful Mess made me decide to give sweeter drinks another shot. (Did ya get my pun? harhar) I think her pretty garnishes sold me on the idea. Anyway, I had some butterscotch schnapps leftover from making those for Thanksgiving festivities. I had no idea what to do with it, so I set it aside and waited for creativity to strike.

Tonight my sweet tooth was tugging at me. Instead of spoiling my dinner I decided to try to use up the remaining butterscotch schnapps for a semi-sweet concoction. I first mixed schnaps and vodka in a 1:1 ratio, but after a 30 count tumbled in the martini shaker the drink was too sweet. I decided to add some Angostura bitters to balance it out the flavors a bit. Everyone in the house agreed that it was worth making again. I promised you something fun for my next post, and here it is:

Bitter Granny Martini

Bitter Granny Martini: I called it bitter because there’s bitters. Butterscotch is an old fashioned candy that reminds me of grandmas. It’s sweet, but not so sweet that it hasn’t seen some of life’s knocks — like a Granny!

Bitter Granny Martini

Serves 2

3 oz (2 shots) butterscotch schnapps

3 oz (2 shots) vodka

10 dashes of Angostura aromatic bitters

Dump all liquid ingredients in a martini shaker. Add ice so it peeks above the liquid. Shake vigorously — I usually count to 30 but I’m not a bartender so shake as long as you’re comfortable. Pour through strainer into glass. I think next time I might add a twisted lemon peel.

If you don’t have a martini shaker you can shake in a mason jar and then strain through a colander. If you have an extra mason jar lid, use an ice pick to poke holes in the top to make your own strainer. Please don’t shake it with the top you poked holes in, keep your other top for that!

Please let me know how you like it! I think I have more difficulty spelling schnapps than any other word. Too many consonants, or it could be the drink talking. 🙂

Have a beautiful evening!


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