To hem or not to hem? I found a solution!

I’m short. Not unusually short, but short enough that the lengths of long dresses frequently don’t suit me off the rack. I figured out how to address the issue today, and triple a dress’s versatility!

I ordered this dress from Asos in August. Its length is perfect for my rarely-worn heels, but drug on the ground when I wore flats. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to hem it, or only wear it with heels, so it lived on a hanger.

While reorganizing our closet again this morning (seriously, unemployment may be making me crazy) I rediscovered it. I felt silly for letting what I thought would be a wardrobe staple sit unworn for months.

Unable to make a decision again, I put it on anyway to start get my money’s worth. I went about my day for an hour or so, shuffling my feet, and managed not to fall on my face.

I had to go outside and feed the horse and ducks. I didn’t want to drag the bottom through the dirt, so I tied it up before trudging through the mud. Half way through my chores it donned on me that I had stumbled on an effective solution!

You do "knot" need to hem your dresses

I re-knotted the hem a bit lower and more neatly, and am pleased to say I found a solution to my hemming dilemma! Next time I might try tying the knot at knee length and in the middle for a subtle high-low look. That makes three dresses for the price and storage space of one!

I hope this comes in handy for the other members of the vertically challenged club. Tall people, you’re more than welcome to try it too.

If you want a me to show you how I did the knot, let me know and I’ll update this post later. My lower arms are covered with poison oak at the moment and I don’t want to gross you out. On that note, I’m going to go buy some Technu to prevent this misery from happening again.


10 responses to “To hem or not to hem? I found a solution!

    • I’ll be sure to update it as soon as my skin looks normal again. I’m glad you like it too!

      If I ever visit the Salt Lake Area and angst for some organization gratification I will certainly get in touch with you!

  1. Looks funny wi’ me kilts! And the Lassies keep chasing’ me an’ making’ me say naw to there advances. It’s also a wee bit drafty, because you know what a Scotsman wears under his kilt, do you nae?

    • Hahaha! I suppose I should have specified this post is for people who wear dresses. If you lived in the middle east and wore a thawb it would work! You’re a member of the really tall person club anyway, I think your sizing dilemmas are probably to polar opposite of mine.

  2. I have done this with my longish dresses and I think it helps to show-off whatever shoes or boots you wear, too! Great idea for a quick length fix. Keep your great ideas coming girl. I may have to take your word on the butterscotch concoction, however (he he). ( ;

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