Happy 2013!

December was very quiet in my tiny corner of the web. Thank you for tolerating the silence. I was busy with lots of little projects and excursions. I will fill you in on what I was up to in a subsequent post.

How were your New Years celebrations? Mine were full of pretty sights and festivity!

Pier at sunset

TowerWBubbles TowerWFireworks

I have a lot of hope for the new year. I just had a second interview for a job I really want and am supposed to hear if I get to schedule a third tomorrow. I seem to thrive off these incremental successes.

I love making lists. I started making to do lists when I could first write. I recently stumbled on a sheet of elementary school writing paper, the off-white kind with the really wide lines, where I scrawled that I needed to, “do homewerk” and “eet dinnur.” For some reason I found this ritual very relaxing, and still do. While we were waiting for friends to arrive to go to Santa Cruz for the midnight count down I typed a 2013 to do list on my phone. It made me feel ready for another year of adventures on this lovely planet.

Aspirations for 2013:

– Find a job

– Opt to shop with a conscience instead of convenience, I want to vote with my dollars diligently

– Eliminate need to buy meat for my household through hunting, fishing, and animal husbandry

– Take the GRE exams

– Run in an event

– Speak Spanish well

– Connect with at least 3 people I have lost touch with

– Find a longer term living situation with space for tradesman boyfriend and I to create things

– Restart my uncluttering efforts, which fell by the wayside in December too

– Finish secretary and porch chair furniture projects

– Improve my carpentry skills enough to build an original piece of furniture with joinery

– Develop an interesting blog post at least once a week

– Create enough products to go public with my Etsy shop

– Make most of my new clothes

– Start saving for a down payment on a house or property

– Complete plans to start a small livestock operation, and start saving accordingly

I hope to accomplish everything on this list over the next 12 months, but certainly won’t beat myself up if I don’t. Many of these items have intrinsic rewards that I think will make me happy.  I plan to revisit this often to keep myself on productive on a lazy evening or Sunday morning.

What are your dreams for 2013? Do you hold yourself to resolutions, or are they more akin to guidelines for you?

Happy New Year to my family, friends, and strangers!



2 responses to “Happy 2013!

  1. Great goals! And I’m really jealous you were in Santa Cruz over new years. My best-cousin lives in Santa Cruz, and I miss her terribly. I’m excited to see the things you get done in 2013. Good luck with your next interview!

    • Thank you! I’m sorry you miss your cousin, at least she has those lovely chairs to keep her company while she’s busy being a super genius! Thank you for the kind wishes! Wonderful people like you inspire me to push myself and try new things!

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