Move along, nothing to see here

Hi there!

Remember me? I’m that blogger that resolved to write a post a week last January. In 2013 I managed to publish five. Yup. Fail.

The good news is, I have been completing projects. I have a lot of fun things to share that I hope will inspire your own creativity, or at least make you laugh at my mishaps.

We are in the midst of moving for the fifth time in the 14 months because I love being miserable. Not really, but really. I should have bought stock in U-Haul for how often I have used their service at this point. We’re headed to a place with acreage and a creek in the country. I am delighted that we found rural living near the sea, and hope we will stay put for a bit.

I used to vehemently despite moving. Hated it. So much. Every time I would hit a wall of frustration (usually when I was trying to backup a large trailer) and start talking about how I wanted to throw everything into a pile and burn it. I realize this sounds a bit scary. This is my weird flavor of venting sometimes; fortunately, I never went through with it.

This time, I have learned to embrace the moving experience a bit. It may help that I made a serious possession purge in 2013 (so liberating!) but I also think I have managed to find some happy light at the bottom of all those cardboard boxes I still need to pack…Typing that made me realize I may be blogging as a means to avoid packing.

Anyway, that glow at the end of the cardboard and duct tape cave for me is that I have a fresh new space to decorate! The house we are leaving was lovely, but tiny. As in less than 300 square feet tiny. It was furnished, which was nice and provided time for my brain to catch up to the fact that I’m not living in a remodel or a “you can live in our guest room until it’s an inconvenience” situation.

When I found out that we were approved for this new place I launched into full nesting mode. Move in today and I have already purchased a couch, dining table and chairs and washer and dryer. We are planning to make our bed, and eventually our dining table too. It is so exciting to consider a fresh, new to us space!

I will miss our tiny house too though. I actually made a iPhone video of it, because I am a nerd and wish I had recorded my past living space for sentimental reasons and also because I would like to see how my style is evolving. Awful sentence. I’m going to roll with it. There’s a tape dispenser and Sharpie calling my name. In the mean time, if you REALLY don’t want to do whatever you are avoiding you can listen to me ramble while I wander around my old house for a couple minutes.

Annnnd the video won’t upload right now. I’ll try again later.

This blog will get better, I promise maybe. Until then, thank you for reading my nonsense and happy 2014!

Cheers to us!



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