Solstice celebrations.

I’m a child of summer. Warm days and long evenings illuminated by twilight make my heart sing.


We celebrated the solstice last Saturday with a delicious roasted chicken dinner, a bonfire and mega marshmallow s’mores. Perfection.

photo 1-1

I came across new research this morning that indicates my infatuation with soaking up the sun’s rays may actually be a bit of an addiction. The scientists found that the beta-receptors released from 30 minutes of sun exposure bind to the same opioid receptors associated with heroin addiction. Withdrawl symptoms were also comparable. (Check out the details here.)

That’s right, a new vice to feel guilty about. I don’t plan to quit basking in the sunshine most weekends any time soon, but I never visit tanning beds either. Anybody want to be a part-time junky with me? I might even share a s’more with you 🙂

There's marshmallows in sticks in the underexposed blur, I promise.

There’s marshmallows in sticks in the underexposed blur, I promise.

P.S. – We got chickens. I tell them good morning, good night and say hello every time I walk by them in our sun room. Our roommate probably thinks I’m insane for this routine, along with many other reasons. Anyway, we have four Welsummer hens and a rogue, unexpected rooster in the mix. They are moving outside full time soon, and my nose eagerly anticipates the day.


P.P.S. – Our garden is growing like mad.

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❤ Erin


One response to “Solstice celebrations.

  1. Yay chickens! I’m sure you’ll be a far better chicken mom than me 🙂 And I always say… a little vitamin D never hurt anybody. In fact, a few years ago I was struggling with seasonal depression in the winter, and my dr recommended that I go tanning a few times just to feel some warmth. I don’t tan anymore because I don’t want the wrinkles 🙂 But I definitely love feeling the sunshine! My greek skin can’t seem to get enough.

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